Current Website Client Add-Ons
This page is for YDO website clients to update their current websites. Please keep in mind that you may already have the following features, so if you are not sure, you might want to ask before ordering below.
Online E-commerce Store & Page Set Up Client will set up their own banking information for privacy reasons. Client will set up their own shipping and handling rates to ensure costs are accurate. Client will enter and maintain their own product inventory including photos, weight, category and description to ensure accurate information. Note: Does not include monthly plan. Email for monthly rates. $100
Responsive Mobile Friendly Version of your Website Responsive mobile-friendly version of the website as well? This is highly recommended to be seen in mobile searches as well as a satisfying visitor experience using mobile. Having a mobile-friendly website isn’t just good practice, it’s a prerequisite. Mobile has exceeded desktop Internet usage and consumers say they won’t return to a website if it doesn’t load properly on their mobile device. $150
SSL Certificate To gain visitor trust, especially important if you accept payment or form submissions. $20
Slideshow Can be displayed on any current page. 10 picture minimum. $20 each
Photos Gallery on a New Page 1-24 count $24 25-49 count $49 50-74 count $74 75-99 count $99
Embed a Facebook Album on a new Page Gallery is automatically synced with a specific Facebook album with a public view setting. $50 each
Embed a Facebook Feed on a new Page Public Facebook posts automatically synced with a page on your website. $40
Add Social Connect Links Facebook, Twiiter, Linkdin etc… $20 each
Video on a New Page Add an existing YouTube video or a video emailed to us on your website. $40 each
Local Weather and Time Helpful for organizations that offer outdoor activities, seating, events or activities. $20
Google Calendar / Events on a New Page Public Google Calender entries automatically synced with a page on your website. $40
Invisible Stat Counter Includes visitor activity, paths, page views, came from & locations etc… $25
Additional Pages Page suggestions: About Us, Links / Resources, Contact Us, News / Press, Services, Privacy Policy, Testimonials, Terms of Service, Job Postings, Price List, User Agreement, Frequently Asked Questions, Download Page, Employee Page. $20 each
Forms with Submissions Contact Forms, sign-up forms, subscription forms, volunteer forms. [Limitations apply] $35 each
Search Box Allows visitors to search for words on your website. $25
Download Button To download files such as .PDF files, images etc… $20 each
Chat Link Through Messenger using an existing FaceBook Business Page. $30
Static Map to show Multiple Locations to show service area or branch offices. $50
Google Map Contains directions to your establishment. $20
PAGES ABOUT US PAGE - The about page describes your company (i.e. partners, employees, history, mission statement). This page is important because it establishes you as a trusted and legitimate company. NEWS / PRESS RELEASES - Having a news section is a great way to add fresh content (a primary reason for visitors to return). News pages can also be supplemented with a blog or RSS news feed. BLOG PAGE - Blogging adds keyword rich content to your website which vastly increases your search engine rankings and visitor appeal. Blogs can be associated with images, documents and media. Archives can be searched by date or keyword. ONLINE STORE / PRODUCT PAGES - Our store feature includes everything you need to have a professional ecommerce website to sell products, services or events. We can help you get your small business online whether you have just a handful or thousands of products. You'll have the flexibility to customize your products. Monthly rates will be paid to a 3rd party by client depending on how many products you list. Your store will be set up by the web designer, but entering products will be the responsibility of the client. Entering products includes an account password to edit and add products with text and uploading product photos. It’s set up to be easy enough for the average computer user to use and maintain. CALENDAR/EVENTS PAGE - Google calendars can be setup to automatically display upcoming events on your home page. Visitors can print or subscribe to the calendar. (WE WILL NEED LOG-IN INFO TO ADD YOUR GOOGLE CALENDAR) Many groups and individuals can syndicate schedules. You can schedule everything from national holidays to the Vikings' Football Schedule. Public calendars are also surprisingly search engine compatible. PAYMENTS & SHIPPING - Information laying out your businesses practices is the best way to keep customers happy, so explain your companies payment and shipping policies up fount. CLIENT / CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Responsible businesses have customer support centers to assist people who purchase their goods and services. Taking the initiative to even attempt this, at least shows that you care about them enough to want them to come back; they will respect you for that. This page also saves you time and money by automating recurring procedures. PRESS / MEDIA CENTER - If you are good at what you do, journalists will write articles about you in the news, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and in a variety of online and print media. It is a lot easier for them to write articles if you have a press section on your website. CONTACT PAGE - Your website also comes with an automatic contact page that displays your address, phone, fax and e-mail as well as a contact form where visitors can send questions or comments. Your contact page is your sale closer. The main goal of most websites is to eventually lead visitors to the contact page so you can close sales with leads that are generated by the contact page. PRICE LIST - If you have a standard price list or chart, publish it on its own page so prospective clients/customers can compare your prices with your competition. Internet consumers like to shop around and if you don't list your prices, they will assume that they are expensive. (IF YOU DECIDE NOT TO HAVE STORE PAGES) CUSTOM PAGES - Custom content, sometimes you just need to make your own page ideas. text, images, slideshows, multimedia, upcoming events or extra links. PRIVACY POLICY - Due to an avalanche of nasty spam emails and 'do not call' lists, Privacy Policies are taken very seriously by web consumers. If you have forms on your website (i.e. contact, subscriptions, user logins, comments, etc.), it is important to write a Privacy Policy assuring visitors that their personal information is not at risk. NOT having a Privacy Policy could mean the difference between closing a sale and having your prospect walk away to never return. DISTRIBUTABLE DOWNLOADS - You can offer distibutables to be downloaded from your website. The best example of this would be having clients download printable forms so they can fill them out at home instead of wasting your staff's time with repetitive tasks. You can offer large files or PDFs as downloads. Plus it allows more access for them to review the content later, hopefully with friends. PROFILES - Profiles can be used to show the website owner, employees, team members, etc. The list page has images, summary information with bio, contact info and related information for each profile and more. FAQ - With our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) feature, you can educate visitors in a question/answer format. You can also group your questions together by category and related questions. Great for offering technical support or highlighting basic information about your organization. Your staff will no longer have to spend their time in the office addressing commonly recurring issues. Clients who have read your FAQ are more informed and easier to deal with. SERVICE PAGES - You should also accurately and completely describe any services that you promote or offer. Make a list of all of your services and proceed to write paragraphs about each of them. HUMAN RESOURCES / JOB POSTINGS - It's a good idea to be collecting résumés incase your marketing venture takes off and you need to hire more people to help you get your work done. Post jobs for which you are hiring and post the requirements so your applicants can prepare a better presentation for you. SUBSCRIPTION FORM - Subscription forms are an easy way to increase your exposure if you publish a newspaper, magazine, newsletter, or send out mailings. Your website can collect the names of people who are ALREADY INTERESTED in the content of your website and what you have to say. When mailings/emails go out, these subscribers are more likely to become return customers than your average Traffic. IMAGE GALLERY OR PHOTO ALBUM PAGE - Image Galleries are used to organize photos into an easy-to-use format that can be browsed and navigated. Photos are arranged into a group - and clicking one out of the group brings you an enlarged image. TESTIMONIAL / REFERENCES PAGE - Testimonials can be displayed with a title, comment, name, position, community and image. You can also display a testimonial module in your sidebar to keep quotes from your fans in front of visitors while they view other content. Ask your best clients to write testimonials to help assure new clients of the quality and reputation of your work. LINKS / RESOURCES - Adding a resource page to your website makes you an authority in your field. If you maintain enough links to related websites, others will link to your page as a resource for their websites, blogs, and social networks. Link to informative websites, references, and other resources that are of value and relevant to your site's content. USER’S AGREEMENT - There are many reasons why companies publish user's agreements on their websites. It is an easy way to discuss your rules and policy, while deferring liability from yourself to your website's users. If you allow people to publish unapproved content directly to your site there is a very good chance that someone will try to abuse the system - and in that case, you want to be legally protected from any damage that may ensue. MAP & DIRECTIONS - Including an interactive map page that dynamically displays your location(s) gives your visitors the ability to print out easy-to-follow directions from their homes to your business. FEATURES Invisible Stats Counter. Reports give you the information about your customers and how they spend time on your website, where they are from and what kind of system they are using. Map on your website. Advertise your place of business, events, school, shows, favorite park, restaurant or anything. Photo Album. Not meant to sell products, but displaying them is just fine. Photos can be enlarged and flipped through. Embed a Facebook album into your website. with links to information posted. Nice & east way to post photos yourself on both your Facebook & your website at the same time. Photo Album with categories. Requires a paid monthly account, unless you don’t mind the credits at the bottom. See sample. Profile Photo. Often used to show credibility or to be recognizable for your business, interest in your field of expertize. Can be of the owner, employees etc... Assorted slide-shows. This eye catching feature is great for showing many photos in a small space to keep your visitors attention. A slide- show is often placed near top portion of your main page, but it can also be used on a gallery page as well. There’s several types available so the right design will be chosen for your website. Slide-Show (basic) Embedding a slideshow to show visitors photos without taking up a lot of room. eye catching feature. Photo Bucket, Flickr. May show a service credit if you don’t mind. Have us create a slideshow or promotional video. Set to optional music. Includes an upload to YouTube and onto your website. Perfect for shows and events. Includes 35 photos. Embed a YouTube video on your website. This can be your video or one from YouTube if it’s set as a public video. Social connect links to social networking sites. See the icons slide out from the upper right corner at the sample site. Twitter Feed. Having a live feed on your website to make announcements, advertise sales, reminders or, site news is the perfect way to for website owners make updates instantly. Subscribe to newsletter link. This feature gets the best results for both sales and return visits to your website. Email address will be sent to a newsletter service called Mail Chimp. Additional chargers apply if you need to send a newsletter to more than 2,000 subscribers per month. Online Appointments. Allow your customers the ability to see available time slots, pick associates, choose services needed or pay upfront. Sign Up Organizer. Build a custom sign up event, invite your group, people sign up online, get reminders. Group organizing made easy. Import Page. Embed an external website on your site. Pages that change often like news, classifieds or announcements. Not all websites allow this such as Facebook, Ebay, Etsy or Pinterest. This works well with Yelp reviews. hotel listings, current weather radar or forecasts, blog posts, events and more. Search Box. Allow your visitors to search for words on your site to either reference something they want to go back too, or to find a subject for the first time. This is one of the most used features used on websites. Client Content Updates. This is one of our most popular features, because it allows you to make edits to a portion of your website yourself, without any help from us, and at anytime. The rate for this feature is higher, because it takes some time to set it up, but it saves you so much money and time in the long run! Google calendar embedded on a page. Google calendar link on a page. Forms to get information emailed from visitors. Request forms, surveys, event registration forms, sign up forms, appointment forms & more. Blog entries linked on a page. Blog entries embedded on a page. Links to a blog is perfect to keep visitors connected and updated on your website, and you can do it yourself. Translate your website. Expand your audience with Google Translate. Give your visitors the option to change the language on your website to a wide assortment of choices. Map Multiple Locations. Display all the locations of your offices, dealerships, stores or restaurants. Print Page Button. Most people know that you can print from your browser, but if your target market is non-technical, offering a print button is very useful to provide information that needs to be printed out. Such as forms, instructions or worksheets. Ebay Store. This is a great way for eBay sellers to import their eBay stores to their website. It’s like a free ad for your online business. Online Store / Product Pages. Customize your own products, services or events for sale. Monthly rates paid by client. Store is set up by the web designer, and entering products will be done by the client, which includes a password to edit, add products and upload photos. It’s easy for the average computer user to maintain. Display products on your main page. show a couple of store products on your main page with this feature. Requires a paid monthly account. Subscribe to newsletter link. This feature gets the best results for both sales and return visits to your website. Email address will be sent directly to you though an email message. No additional charges apply, but you will need to manage email campaigns on your own. Download Buttons. Visitors can download Brochures, Flyers, Business cards, Price lists & more. Click buttons to sample. Information Request. Click this button and an email window will open with pre-filled entries automatically placed into the message such as any email address, any subject and body message of your choice so that a message can be sent from a visitor without much effort. This is a great way to connect with visitors who need more information on whatever subject you wish such as: Request more information, make an appointment, submit mailing address for a catalog, to inquire about a project or request samples or literature. Quote of the day. Updated daily. Give your visitors something to think about. Local weather and time. Users location or a fixed location such as your place of business etc… This would be good for special events.
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